What is RPA or “robot software”?

It is a non-standardised software programme, a “virtual robot”, which manages to simulate human intervention in the tasks performed in the company’s applications and systems, navigating through the different programmes and systems, via the user interface of the computer system.

Another fundamental benefit of RPA is that it is capable of achieving, on the one hand, the automation of repetitive tasks and therefore optimising time and resources, and on the other, obtaining data (KPIs) for decision-making and information management, which we are unable to achieve with current systems (ERP’s, CRM’s, accounting programmes, etc.).

All this without making changes to the organisation’s existing systems.

In addition, inevitably, in order to implement RPA we have to analyse the organisational structure of the company, identifying what the LEAN method calls “waste”, really identifying the processes or procedures that can be automated, those that are not and cannot be automated, and even those that should be eliminated.