What is IIOT (Industrial Internet Of Things)?

It is defined as the use of intelligent sensors and automation mechanisms to improve the efficiency of industrial processes.

Our IIOT solutions

90% of organisations collect information from the physical world, but only 10% of them are able to make decisions based entirely on this data.

The implementation of IIOT in your organisation/company will allow you to have real time data of your processes through sensors:


Your competitiveness in the market, with improved efficiency.


Your production and your incident detection and prevention programme.


Full point-to-point       traceability of your      production process.


Save time, effort, resources and money, thanks to IIOT technology.

IIOT with Blockchain
(The technology of the future)

By adding to the equation what we call the technology of the future, the Blockchain, we radically change the way in which data is stored, giving your company/organisation absolute data transparency, thus improving the transparency of your company and allowing you to have point-to-point traceability of your production process.

Benefits of IIOT

Possibility to make comparisons between the actual cost and the planned cost.

Possibility to easily relocate sensors to other areas without the need for extra hardware investment.

Analyse and compare data and monitor the different parameters of the data.