What is the Carbon Footprint?

We define a carbon footprint as an environmental indicator that attempts to reflect as accurately as possible the total greenhouse gas emissions of an individual, organisation, event or product as a direct or indirect effect of these.

Our solutions

Audit and start-up plan

This can be defined as the first step in getting to know what the company does, how it is organised and its work processes. In this process, the connections between our companies are created in order to coordinate the programming and implementation of the standard.

Data collection

We collect the information necessary to determine the sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

-Calculation of the carbon footprint: Using the information obtained from the previous phase, we apply the methodology determined by environmental regulations using the tools recognised by international standardisation organisms.

Action plan

Taking into account the results obtained in the previous phase, the best corrective actions should be decided in order to achieve the levels set by the standard.

Blockchain registration

The results will be monitored using the Blockchain network, which is the technology that guarantees the unmanipulability of the stored data. Additionally, if the company requires it, we can help in the creation of the relevant procedures to obtain the carbon footprint certificate (this official accreditation certifies the commitment of your company with the protection and care of the environment).

What makes us different?

You might be thinking about how Xpander differs from other companies dedicated to carbon footprint certification, the big difference between us is that we have expert programmers in Blockchain and we are founding partners of BlockchainFUE, the first Blockchain network that fully complies with European legislation, Our proposal is to implement Blockchain in the certification process so that you can demonstrate to your stakeholders that your company, product or process is environmentally friendly from start to finish, removing the possibility of mistrust during the process.

What is Blockchain?