Why are we different?

Born in 2021, XPANDER has however been sharing experience, creating software and connecting different technologies for 20 years through his work within the KH GROUP.

We rewrite the rules of the game

Having realised that people come first and foremost, the revolution must be organised by putting technology at the complete service of their needs, by championing the simplicity and efficiency of their communication process, as well as the correct structuring of who has to do what and at what time.

Let’s start thinking differently

Let’s build around this mindset, always keeping it in mind when building an application, or making a purchasing decision.

Let’s first consider who is in our company, what their role is and what level of efficiency we want to achieve. Let’s write it down, that’s where the real Digital Transformation begins, the one that will prevent you from realising too late that you haven’t made any progress, despite having spent a lot of money on a lot of new applications.

Let’s go to the source of the data

Let’s avoid applications that are impossible to parameterise, that force us to maintain data or information that we already maintain in other systems that also need them.

Where do we come from?

Founded in 1998 as Know How Logistic S.L., a modest company with innovative spirit and iron determination was born in Valencia, focused on offering services to the local automotive industry.

Experience through learning, diversification and success led the company to change its former name to the current KH Group.

Due to the success of the company, we made the decision to turn the KH Group into a true Smart Company with a strategic technological plan, learning in the process a multitude of revolutionary knowledge and, above all, listening to the needs, putting people at the epicentre of the revolution that was to come. This is how Xpander was born.

In this way, Xpander, the group’s spin off, has established itself as a team of experts who bring together the knowledge to evolve the market, from self-developed software and applications, to Digital Transformation implementation services, including access to Blockchain services through its ALIZE Platform, as the Group is also a partner of BlockchainFUE, the first Blockchain network that fully complies with European legislation.

We support the integration of young people

For Xpander, young people are the future. That’s why we are giving them opportunities to show what they are capable of in their field. We also have links with FUNDEUN to further enhance all their training.